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Hi! If you enjoy listening to music and grooving to it as much as I do, then you'll love this site. So go ahead and read on...
R&B group TLC is featured in the HOT SPOT and they're doing great after releasing their third album 'Fanmail' which is the most personal album the trio has made. This album is full of hits and power-packed,  Their first single from the new album is 'No Scrubs' that has Chilli singing with smooth vocals, T-Boz adding her usual catchy voice in between, and Left-Eye doing her thing with a no-nonsense rap called "My Life". This song has got attitude and style, and a great video to match. Click the 'HOT SPOT' sun to visit TLC's official web site.
for the lyrics of 'No Scrubs' and cool TLC photos.
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